The Epistle of Paul to Titus

Chapter 1 

1 Paul, who willingly belongs to God and is an apostle and follower of Jesus Christ, according to the common faith of those who are called and have acknowledged the truth, that is found in His life and likeness,


2 In the (sure) hope of eternal life, (the life and immortality we see in Jesus Christ), which God, who cannot lie, promised (us) before the world came into being;


3 But who now in the fullness of time has revealed His word (in the Son, in immortal flesh) proclaiming (the faith of the Son of God), which I have been entrusted and am compelled to declare according to the will of God our Savior;


4 To Ti’tus, my true son in the faith (that is revealed in Jesus Christ): (His) Grace (which influences our heart, that by His strength alone we will share in His life, where He will show us kindness for all the ages to come) and (which puts our flesh to rest from all our labors) giving us the true peace, (that can only come) from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ our Savior.


5 For this reason, I had you stay behind in Crete, so that you might set in order the things that are lacking, by selecting men of good judgment (and sound doctrine) as elders in every city, as I directed you:


6 If you might find those who are beyond reproach (free of accusation), the husband of one wife, whose children are attentive to the faith not seen as riotous or disobedient.


7 Because it is fitting (and makes the most sense) for an overseer to be beyond reproach, as he is the guardian (over the affairs) of the household of God; as not to be self-willed (but one who prefers others), not easily angered (but peaceful), not inclined to (the abuse of) wine (or strong drink), not a contentious person (but a peacemaker), not one who is predisposed (and overtaken) with a greedy desire for gain (of power or money).


8 But one who (being born of God and the fruit of His life) is a lover of strangers having generosity toward all men, a lover of that which is good (seeing all men as innocent), upright, beloved, reverent toward God, gentle and pleasant;


9 Holding close to his heart the faithful (and sure) word (of our Lord Jesus) as he has been taught (by us), that he may be able by (the) sound doctrine (found in Christ) to both encourage and bring the truth to light, exposing the error of those who oppose the faith.


10 For there are many who are rebellious (refusing to submit to Christ, who is the teaching and instruction of God unto life) they speak empty and idle words (that can never produce eternal life) and are seducers (who want to exert control over men to bring them into bondage), especially those (who have confidence in their flesh) of the circumcision:


11 Whose (voices) it is incumbent upon us to silence, (seeing as) they have overthrown the faith of entire households, teaching things which (appeal to men’s lust for life through the strength contained in their flesh) disgraceful things that have no bases in the truth (in Christ) which they should not teach as such, so that they might gather to themselves gain (of power or money).


12 One of the Cre’ti-ans own poets said of them, the Cre’ti-ans are perpetual liars, and like cruel animals, who are lazy and gluttonous (more apt to want to eat than work).


13 This reputation sure seems accurate. For that reason, correct them sharply (with the truth), so that they may be grounded (in Christ, being persuaded by) the faith;


14 Not giving consideration to Jewish fables (that come from those false teachers), and to commandments from men (who have confidence in the flesh), that turn from, and are contrary to (the faith and disregard) the truth.


15 To the pure (and innocent in heart) all things are pure (and undefiled): but to those (whose hearts) are stained with the guilt (brought by death do judge themselves unworthy), and are not believing (the truth that their death has been sent away) see nothing as pure (and undefiled); because (they are defiled from within) even in their mind and conscience.


16 They pretend that they know God; but in (establishing) their own works they deny Him (not walking in His good work), being abominable (they make their own works their god), refusing to be persuaded of the truth (of His good work to give them blessing and life as a gift), and all their works (to gather to themselves eternal life) are completely worthless.


Chapter 2 

1 But speak (boldly) to them the things which we know contain sound doctrine (which things are only found in Christ):


2 So that the older men might have a clear mind (that is free from the influences in the world) dignified (honored and deeply respected), self-controlled men (whose life is well regulated by God and not themselves), sound in the faith, and the love of God toward them so that they might run their race with patience.


3 The elder women likewise, so that their conduct would be fitting, as one who has been captivated by the life they were set apart for (in Christ), not (gossiping and) unjustly accusing others, nor being enslaved to wine, but teachers of (those things which are) good (pure, perfect and lovely) things;


4 So that they may teach the young woman that (the way) to be sound in their mind (is to have a mind that is set on His life), where they love their husbands and love their children,


5 To be sensible, pure, nurturing their household, kind, subject to (the Lord and honoring) their own husbands so that the word of God would not be spoken of slanderously.


6 Encourage Young men also to have a sound minded (influenced by Christ and not the world).


7 In all (the) things (you speak) present yourself as someone in whom (Christ has established these) good works (so that you might walk in them): and declare (the sound and incorruptible) doctrine (only found in Christ) of His life and immortality, speaking with all boldness and sincerity,


8 Sound speech, which cannot be condemned; so that the one who is opposed to you (trying to establish his own works) might turn away from that which only brings him shame, having no occasion to accuse you.


9 Encourage those (who believe upon Christ) who are under the authority of others to be trustworthy to them, and perform well in all the things (that are asked of them); (being agreeable) not hostile or always disputing with them;


10 Not stealing (from them), but (rather) bearing (the fruit of Christ’s life in all) faithfulness; so that they may be decorated with the doctrine of God our Savior in all things.


11 For the grace of God that brings salvation, has appeared (in the person of Jesus Christ, the firstborn from the dead) to all men,


12 Teaching us about (His lovingkindness and goodness to give us His life free from our works), so that we would turn away from (laboring in) ungodliness (and the venom of the serpent) that told us we had to produce our own good works, but when we can see His lovingkindness to freely clothe us in His life and justify us (from the accusation that we were orphans who needed to establish our own lives) we turn our back on the idea that we need to bring salvation (from death) to ourselves, knowing that we can walk in His (good work and enjoy His) incorruptible life (even) in this present (corruptible) world;


13 (Always) looking (with certainty) for that blessed hope (we see in the risen Christ), and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ;


14 Who gave Himself for us, so that He might rescue us from (perishing in death) removing all our iniquity (which had us laboring in lawlessness, trusting in our own works to establish our life) and purify (our hearts back) to Himself, His most beloved treasure, who possess a passionate desire to (walk in His) good works (in the life that our hearts have always desired and which He has prepared for us before the world began).


15 These things speak (boldly), encouraging, and bringing correction (to any erroneous beliefs) knowing that the words you speak carry the full weight of Christ; Let no man examine you (or your authority).


Chapter 3 

1 Remind them to submit to rulers and governing authorities, and to heed (their ordinances), taking advantage of every opportunity to do good,


2 And to speak well of all men, and not vilifying them, but be gentle and peaceful, giving all consideration to all men.


3 Because we ourselves (before we were persuaded of the grace of God toward us) were sometimes foolish, unbelieving, unwilling to be persuaded (of God’s love toward us), deceived (having gone out of the way), serving our various worldly lusts and pleasures (by what we could gather to ourselves by our own hands), living a cursed life filled with labor and annoyances, hateful (and resentful) of that which is good and hating one another.


4 But after the (everlasting) kindness and love of God our Savior was revealed toward man (appearing in immortal flesh in the resurrection of Jesus Christ),


5 (Which did) not (come) by works of righteousness which we performed (with our own hands), but according to His mercy (and lovingkindness towards us), He saved us (from death), by the washing (away of death and corruption) in the regeneration of man, (physically recreating man immortal in the body of Jesus Christ, the firstborn from the dead), and renewing (again the promise) of the Holy Ghost (the Spirit of life);


6 Which He (has) poured out on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior;


7 That being justified by His grace (from the accusation that we were not the sons of God), we should be made co-heirs according to the (sure) hope (of the promise) of eternal life (the same life we see in Christ Jesus our Lord).


8 This is the most trustworthy saying (because God who has promised it, has also brought it to completion), and these (are the) things I would like you to confidently affirm and proclaim (both to each other and publicly), so that they which have believed in (the word that) God (has spoken in Christ to all people) might give heed to (this word, allowing it to give birth in their heart) and walk in (His) good works (enjoying His life). These saying are the things which are good and profitable to all men.


9 But avoid foolish (and worthless) debates, and (endless) genealogies (claiming special pedigree), and arguments (over words), and quarreling about (the need to perform ceremonial rituals of) the law; for they are unprofitable and worthless (in their ability to edify).


10 A man that is (still) causing division after the first and second warning, turn away from (and let him go);


11 Knowing that he that is doing these things has turned away from the truth (turning it inside out) and continues to walk out of the way that leads to life and peace, (in the way that) where he will condemn himself (in his own heart).


12 When I send Ar’te-mas to you, or Tych’i-cus, be certain to come to me in Ni-cop’o-lis: for I have determined to stay the winter there.


13 Bring Ze’nas the lawyer (who is more of an expert in the law than a normal scribe) and A-pol’los, well supplied with everything they need for their journey, so that they are not in want of anything.


14 And let our (brothers) also learn (from the words you speak at Crete) to give strict attention to (the good work that God has done to give us His life free from our works) for all necessary uses, so that (walking in His good works) they would not be unfruitful.

15 All that are with me salute you. Greet those who love us in (the fellowship of) the faith (of Jesus Christ). Grace be with you all. Amen.


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