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1 Paul, an apostle (and messenger of the gospel) of Jesus Christ by the will of God, to all those set apart for His life that are in Ephesus, and to ones who are persuaded by the faith of Christ Jesus:


2 (His) grace and (the) peace (it gives) to you from God the Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ (be with you all).


3 Spoken well of and highly celebrated with the most eloquent of speech is the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has bestowed upon us (His children) the same blessing, in the word He spoke about us in Christ Jesus who is seated (an immortal man in the glory and honor of the Father) at the right hand of the Majesty on high.


4 Exactly as He has chosen us (to be) in Him before (death entered at) the foundation of the world, so that we would be set apart (for His life) and (stand) without accusation before Him in love:


5 Having determined (from the beginning) that we (as His children) should have His (same) life, has He now declared us as His rightful children and sons through (the resurrection of the man) Jesus Christ (redeeming us back) to Himself (and His original purpose for us), and according to the good pleasure (and satisfaction) of His will,


6 To the (only life that He determined was) praiseworthy (and fitting for His children) of His good view (and opinion which He declared) in His grace (toward them in raising Jesus Christ to His life and immortality), wherein He has also (loved us and) freely given us the same life (preserving our lives incorruptible inside of the) Beloved.


7 In whom we have redemption (from death) through His blood (that ran out, releasing us from death’s bondage), the sending away of (its sting) our trespasses (wherein we formerly labored in vain), showing forth the riches of His (kindness and mercy) towards us through Jesus Christ;


8 Wherein He has lavished upon us (His love and has given us) all wisdom and understanding;


9 Having made known (by openly unveiling) to us the mystery of His will (towards us all), according to His good pleasure which He has purposed in Himself (from the before the world began):


10 And (having purposed it) does He (also) oversee it (to completion, so that) in the fullness of time, He might gather together all things as one in Christ, (so that) both that which is in heaven and on the earth would be joined as one (incorruptible) in Him.


11 In (Him) whom also we have obtained an (eternal) inheritance (of His life and immortality), which (life) He predetermined (for us His children from the beginning) according to the purpose of the One (God and Father) who works all things after the (plan and) counsel of His own will:


12 So that we should be (One with His life), the (only life which He) approved (and saw fitting) for (His children) of His glory, (in us) who first hoped (looking for the life that) Christ (would bring).


13 In whom (also) you (have) trusted (and hoped), after that you heard the word of truth (for all people), the gospel of your salvation (from death and corruption): in whom after you believed has He set the seal (of His sonship) upon you (marking you) with that Holy Spirit (by which He has) promised (us His life),


14 Which (Spirit) is the guarantee of the inheritance (of Christ) until the redemption of our (corruptible) bodies (immortal) unto the (only life which He) approved (and saw fitting) for (His children) of His glory.


15 Because of this have I also after hearing of the faith that you have among you in the Lord Jesus and the love you have for all those who are sharing (with you) in His life,


16 Have not ceased to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers;


17 That the God (and Father) of our Lord Jesus Christ, The Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation (that is contained within) the knowledge of Him:


18 (So that) the eyes of your understanding would be illuminated (to see clearly); so that you may (intimately) know (Him) and the (sure) hope (of the life He has promised in Christ) that He has (desired), invited (and prepared) for you (from the beginning), and what are the riches that come from His glory (which is) His inheritance in all those who desire to share in His life,


19 And (that you may know) what is the surpassing greatness of His strength (and ability) in us who are persuaded (trusting that He will bring forth His life in us), by the (same) operation of His mighty power,


20 Which He has openly demonstrated in Christ, when He raised Him from the dead (a man in immortal flesh and bone never to die again), and set Him at His own right hand in heavenly places,


21 (A place) far above all wisdom, (knowledge) and power, and strength, and authority, and every name that can be named, not only in this world, but also in the world which is to come:


22 And has put all things under His feet, and has given (Himself) in Jesus Christ (the beginning of the creation of God, the first born from the dead) to be the head over all wisdom to the church,


23 Which is His body, (wherein all) the fullness (dwells) from the One who fills all in all.


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