The Epistle of Paul to the Philippians

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1 Paul and Timothy, the servants of Jesus Christ (having yielded to the faith of Him), to all those who are sharers fellowshipping (in the same life revealed) in Christ Jesus (our Lord) which are at Philippi, along with the overseers and deacons (appointed to your assembly).


2 (May His) Grace (be multiplied) to you and peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.


3 I (give) thanks to my God every time I think of you,


4 Always making all my request for you with great joy,


5 Because of your fellowship (with me) in the gospel from the first day (you heard it) until now;


6 Being fully persuaded of this very thing, that the One who has brought forth His life (and inner desire) in you will (also) bring it to completion (in the glorification of your bodies) in the return of Jesus Christ:


7 And it seems right for me to think these things about you all, because I have you in my heart; both in my imprisonment and in the defense and establishing of the gospel, since you are all partakers along with me of the grace of God (according to the gospel which I delivered to you).


8 For God is my witness, how (His love has compelled me), earnestly desiring for you all (to experience His life) with the (same) gut-wrenching compassion of Jesus Christ.


9 And this I pray (also for you), so that your love may abound (one for another), more and more in the knowledge (of Christ Jesus) and in (His) judgment of all things;


10 So that you may (thereby examine all things) and discern the things which are (good and) excellent (according to His judgment unto life); so that you may be pure and blameless unto the coming of Jesus Christ;


11 And being filled with the fruits of His incorruptible life, which are from abiding in (the faith of) Jesus Christ and is that which brings glory and speaks well of God (our Father).


12 But I want you to know brethren, that the things which have come against me really turned out to the advancement of the gospel;


13 So that (because of) my imprisonment for (preaching) Christ (has the gospel) become clearly known (even) in the palaces (of kings and world leaders) and in all other places;


14 And many brethren (who trust) in the Lord, have gained in confidence because of my imprisonment, daring to speak more abundantly and fearlessly the word of God (in Christ).


15 And yet (I know that) some preach out of jealousy (of my ministry) and their desire to debate (and be argumentative); while others (simply) proclaim Christ from the overflow of His goodness and mercy in their hearts:


16 The one preaches Christ out of selfish ambition and not from pure motives (but mixed with their own desires), thinking that it will make my chains more distressful:


17 But the others (preach) out of the love (of God in their hearts for all people, that compels them to do so), knowing that I (have settled in my heart and) am destined (and willing to lay down my life) in defense of the gospel (which we preach).


18 What do I think about these things? Only that in every way, whether from impure motives or a heart persuaded of the truth is Christ being proclaimed; and that (makes my heart) rejoice, and yes, I certainly do rejoice.


19 Because I know that (my bonds) will turn out to (further declare the truth of the gospel) of my salvation through your prayers and the abundant supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ,


20 And according to my confident expectation and certainty (of the life revealed in Christ Jesus), (which is) my hope, so that in nothing will I be ashamed, but will continue with all boldness (to declare the gospel) where in Christ will be magnified in my body, whether it be by (His) life or (my) death.


21 Because for me to live (in the flesh) is (to live having) Christ’ (life in me) and to die (and be with Christ is) gain.


22 But if I (continue to) live in the flesh, (it is His life that lives in me and) the fruit (of His life) which occupies and works in me: yet which I would choose I do not know.


23 Because I am hard-pressed to choose between the two, having a desire to depart and be with Christ which is much better (for me):


24 But despite that for me to remain in the flesh seems more of a necessity for you.


25 And seeing as I know (it would be more helpful for you), I will remain and continue with you (constantly reminding) you all (of the gospel of Christ), for your profit and the joy (which comes from the hearing) of faith;


26 So that your boasting might be in Jesus Christ (and not in me) when I come to you again.


27 Where you allow your life to be (born from the faith of Him) suitable of the same quality and value brought (to you) by the gospel of Christ: so that whether I come to see you, or am absent from you, I might hear the things concerning you, that you stand (finding your life born from the same) spirit and mind (of Christ), diligently seeking together the faith of the gospel;


28 And (where) you are not frightened by those (in the world) who oppose you (in the faith): which to them is the evidence of sure destruction (to stand still and not lift a finger to preserve their own lives) but to you (it is) salvation (from death and destruction) and unto an indestructible life which is (freely given to you) of God.


29 For unto you it has been given (so that you may rest in) Christ, not only believing upon (the life of) Him (that came out of the grave) but also to suffer in the world (knowing that you also possess a life that cannot be hurt or injured by the death in the world) because of Him;


30 And (you also share in) this same conflict (of faith) you see in me and have now heard of me.



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