The Third Epistle of John

1 The elder John to the well-beloved Ga’ius, who I love (and fellowship with) in the truth.


2 Beloved, I pray (that this letter find) you well, flourishing in every way in your life; both sound in mind and healthy in body, in the same way (that I hear) your soul is prospering (with the fruit of eternal life).


3 Because I rejoiced immensely upon hearing the brethren who came and testified (to me) of the truth that they see (is alive) in you, even (as you just live your life) you walk (effortlessly) in the truth (of His life in you).


4 I have no greater joy than to hear that my children (who I have fathered in the word of eternal life) walk in the truth.


5 Beloved, the work that you do in your ministry, wherein on every occasion you speak to impart the faith and the love of God to the brethren, you also do the same to strangers;


6 Who have borne witness regarding your love before the church (at Ephesus): to whom you have built up in the truth (that they are as they ought to be, accepted and loved) so that they might prosper in their journey; you have done a beautiful thing:


7 And because (you have shown them the love and grace He has toward them) they have gone forward (depending) on His name sake alone, not having to take any (support) from the Gentiles.


8 We (who have a desire in our hearts to see the truth of the gospel proclaimed) should receive such men, so that we also might be fellow-helpers (like you) in declaring the truth.


9 I wrote to the church myself: but Di-ot-re-phes, who aspires to have preeminence (lording over), and desiring the chief place of influence among those in the church, did not receive us.


10 Because of this, if I come, I will bring to your remembrance the thing that he has done, coming against us (who receive such men with joy) with his idle accusations and use of malicious words: and who not being satisfied (and finding fault) with these men, not only does he flat out forbid and not receive the brethren and strangers from coming but he also (seeks to use his influence to) throw out those who do (receive them) from the church.


11 Beloved do not follow after (by trying to imitate) the way which poisons from within, which is evil but rather (be persuaded by that which originates with God) which is good. For he that (is persuaded by God) does good because he is born from the life of God: but he that (labors to establish his own life and preeminence) does evil and has not seen God (neither is His word abiding in him).

12 De-me-tri-us has a good report of all men (who are to be received with gladness), and (whose testimony is born) from the truth itself: yes, and we also bear record of the same; and you can be certain that our record is true (because it is found in the record that God gave in His Son, Jesus Christ).

13 I had many things to write, but I will not write them to you with ink and pen:

14 But I hope that I will see you shortly, and we will speak face to face (and you can hear these words from my own mouth). Peace be to you. All our friends here salute you. Greet all my friends there with you by name. 


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